The 2022 Indian Motorcycle Lineup Revealed

Indian Motorcycle, America's first motorcycle company, recently announced the 2022 model year lineup with new colors, features, and accessories now available across each model. Let's check out what's new for 2022 and how to get your hands on one.

Updated Technology:

Indian has released new features for Ride Command that enhance the rider experience by introducing a new speed limit overlay feature as well as expanded Bluetooth device compatibility and faster display load times. To see all new features and updates or to update your Ride Command to the latest version visit: The Indian Challenger has also received an update that retunes traction control for a smoother feel when it engages.


The Indian Motorcycle lineup for 2022 features all the same models as previous years with the addition of the all new Indian Chief earlier this year. For 2022 Indian Motorcycle has new paint colors across the lineup along with new accessory options. Explore the lineup and new colors here:

  • Scout lineup:

    • Scout Bobber Sixty starting at $8,999 in Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Quartz Gray, or Rubysmoke.
    • Scout Bobber starting at $10,999 in Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Titanium Metallic, Maroon Metallic Smoke, Silver Quartz Smoke, Alumina Jade Smoke, Indy Red, Blue Slate Smoke, or Black Azure Crystal.
    • Scout Bobber Twenty starting at $11,999 in Black Metallic, Stealth Gray, Silver Quartz Smoke, or Spirit Blue Metallic.
    • Scout Sixty starting at $9,999 in Black Metallic or Storm Blue
    • Scout starting at $11,999 in Black Metallic, Maroon Metallic, White Smoke, Silver Quartz Metallic / Black, Riot Orange / Black, or Blue Slate Smoke / Silver.


  • Chieftain lineup:

    • Chieftain starting at $21,999 in Black Metallic
    • Chieftain Dark Horse starting at $27,999 in Black Smoke, Quartz Gray, Ruby Smoke, Dirt Track Smoke, Stealth Gray Azure, or Blue Slate Metallic.
    • Chieftain Limited starting at $28,749 in Silver Quartz Metallic or Deepwater Metallic.

  • Challenger lineup:

    • Challenger starting at $23,999 in Black Metallic or Titanium Smoke.
    • Challenger Dark Horse starting at $28,499 in Black Smoke, Bronze Smoke, Indy Red / Black Metallic, Stealth Gray Azure Crystal, Riot Orange Smoke, or Storm Blue / Black Metallic.
    • Challenger Limited Starting at $27,999 in Black Metallic, Maroon Metallic, or Spirit Blue Metallic / Black Metallic.

  • Roadmaster lineup:

    • Roadmaster starting at $29,999 in Black Metallic or Maroon Metallic / Crimson Metallic.
    • Roadmaster Dark Horse starting at $30,499 in Black Smoke, Polished Bronze, or Silver Quartz Metallic.
    • Roadmaster Limited starting at $30,749 in Black Azure Crystal or Crimson Metallic.


Indian Motorcycle has released the Spirit Lake Luggage Collection that includes a Rack Bag, Day Bag, and a Touring Bag for those needing additional storage on longer rides. Each bag features a shoulder strap and can be attached securely to your luggage rack or backrest. Each bag is sold separately. The Indian Challenger now has hard lower fairings available that are compatible with all 2020 - 2022 models. These feature the ability to add additional PowerBand Audio or Storage Compartments into the hard lower fairing depending on your needs. Looking to add a little extra flair and visibility to your bike? Indian has released LED saddlebag lights that seamlessly integrate into the styling of your bike. Order yours today!